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What are the benefits of silk over traditional duvet fillings?

There are many significant health and comfort advantages to silk, the main ones are:


Silk, being a natural product is breathable and so enables your body to maintain a more stable temperature. This combined with quality material and construction results in bedding that creates the perfect sleep environment.

Heat Regulation

During the manufacturing process layer upon layer of long fibre mulberry Grade A silk floss is placed one on top of the other. This process is repeated until the desired duvet weight is achieved. Layering the silk creates an intricate grid design, which is important to the heat regulating function of a duvet. Because the silk floss has been layered and not stuffed into the duvet covering, the silk is able to let some heat escape through the grid design. This results in a more pleasant sleep because our body temperature is kept at a more constant temperature throughout the night.


Silk has some amazing natural hypoallergenic properties. Silk is a natural protein and therefore is not a hospitable environment for dust mites who can trigger allergic reactions such as asthma, eczema and rhinitis. Up to 20,000 dust mites have been known to live in a single mattress. The use of silk bedding and silk filled duvets greatly reduces the amount of dust mites in the bedroom.

Luxurious Comfort

The nature of long-strand silk fibres mean a silk duvet is just as warm but much lighter than traditional duvets, and drapes over your body instead of “suffocating” you with the bulk of a conventional duvet. Once you have experienced the softness and pure luxury of a silk duvet it is very difficult to consider using anything else.

Are silk duvets as warm as traditional duvets?

Yes, silk is a completely different type of material compared to traditional duvet fillings. Down duvets cover the body with sheer bulk, silk duvets are thinner than down by nature allowing the duvet to drape over the body. Down duvets form a physical barrier between your body and your surroundings, meaning the heat you give off reflects directly back at you. This process continues throughout the night resulting in overheating. Silk duvets are designed to allow air to flow more freely and regulate your body’s heat. The result is your body stays cool in summer and warm in winter.

Does my silk duvet require any special care?

Because Silk Impressions® duvets and bedding are made of the finest quality silk, they are less susceptible to bacteria and the cleaning requirements are far less than a conventional duvets and bedding. All the care your duvet should need when used in conjunction with a duvet cover is to be aired in the sun about twice a year.

Do silk duvets have a distinctive odour?

Silk, being a natural product does have a distinctive odour. This can often be mistaken for a slight chemical-like smell, but is just the natural odour of pure silk. In our experience the odour can be noticed when the duvets are first opened. This will usually dissipate after a few hours and is completely gone after a few days. Some duvet manufacturers bleach the silk before the manufacturing process to get rid of this smell. However, this totally undermines the natural properties of silk. Silk Impressions® duvets are 100% natural, and are not manufactured using any harmful chemicals; as a result these products may have a natural silk odour.

How do I care for Silk Impressions® Bedding?

Always wash bedding or duvets on the delicate cycle and never use hot water. Experts recommend washing silk sheets at 30°C (86°F) which is water that is barely lukewarm.

If your machine has an option to allow an extra spin cycle to wring as much water out of your fabrics as possible, do not use it. Use the spin cycle sparing on silk because it is hard on the fibers. That is why it is important to use the delicate or hand washable cycle on the machine.

Let sheets air dry, if possible, but keep them out of sunlight and away from heating vents because that is just like putting them in a hot dryer. But, because finding a place to air dry large silk bedding and duvets, such as king size can be difficult. You can dry their silk using the lowest temperature setting on their dryer, the one that is “air dry.”
One other note about washing silk bedding and duvets – do not put anything else in the washer with them. Wash them separately from your other laundry.

Silk sheets and feet?

Silk, while durable, can be damaged by you. If the heels of your feet get dry and rough, it is like rubbing your sheets with sandpaper every time you get into bed. The same goes for sharp or broken fingernails and toenails; they can pull the threads in your sheets, breaking them. So taking care of your skin and your nails is not only beneficial to you but also beneficial to your silk.


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